Ilkay Gundogan Admire Two New City Players

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Ilkay Gundogan Admire Two New City Players
Ilkay Gundogan still admire two new Manchester City players. He also can not wait to play with them.

Ilkay Gundogan still admire the arrival and intension of two new players Manchester City, Bernardo Silva and Ederson. He claims he can not wait to play with both players in the upcoming season.

Bernardo Silva has been recruited from AS Monaco after successfully bringing his team Ligue 1 champions and into the Champions League semifinals, having previously ruled out Manchester City last season. Clearly the right new recruitment decision for City.

Ederson was also successfully recruited this time coming from Benfica. He is now also successfully become one of the most expensive goalkeeper who will compete in the Premier League next season. The enthusiastic gundogan with the arrival of both players.

Gundogan himself still had to undergo a rehabilitation process to heal his knee injury. Although still not fit, but he claimed to be impatient to meet soon with two new colleagues.

“Bernardo Silva has already shown in the Confederations Cup that he is indeed capable of playing very well,” said Gundogan through the club’s official website.

“In addition there is no estimate if they (Monaco) will be able to become French champions and play so well in the Champions League.”

“He was part of the team and he played extraordinarily. I’m sure he will definitely have a huge impact in the Premier League, and that’s definitely good for us too, “he concluded with enthusiasm.

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