Hamsik: Napoli Sure Can Achieve Scudetto Title

Hamsik: Napoli Sure Can Achieve Scudetto Title

Marek Hamsik sure Napoli sure can win the title of Scudetto and we are ready to perform better than last season.

Partenopei bend Serie A club Trento 7-0 in a friendly match, and the quality of the goals created is extraordinary, including volley from Adam Ounas and a long-range shot from Vlad Chiriches.

“We just entered the early stages, but we already know we will be better than last season,” said Hamsik.

“We still do not feel fatigue during the pre-season training session and keep working hard. We will train even harder in mid-August, where a series of important games will be facing us. ”

Napoli will soon find out their opponent in the Champions League preliminary round, where the first leg will be held on 15-16 August.

“I have already said that I am confident with the Scudetto. This team has proven over the last two seasons that we are capable of performing at the highest level. ”

His teammate Allan believes Napoli have a powerful weapon in the Scudetto hunt.

The midfielder’s players can not wait to start a new season, where Maurizio Sarri’s squad is still considered one of its top rivals.

“The pre-season training runs smoothly and we have to focus not on our opponents, but pour out the coach’s idea while on the pitch,” said Allan.

“Considering how well we played last season, it was disappointing to go third and we missed some important points, but this season we want to show the greatest potential. We have plenty of quality players and everything works for the team.

“Scudetto is no longer a taboo subject and we have to try. If our opponents do not take the wrong steps, then we have to see what happens, but the most important thing is we stay in the competition.

“With the return of Milan’s club duo, Serie A will be a more dancing league.

“Milan, Inter, Juventus and Roma are also active in the transfer market.

“Our strength at Napoli is in the team, because we are so compact. We really care about each other and also have fun.

“That might be our powerful weapon.”

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