Ever Jebol Cambodia, Nufiandani: Indonesian National Team Do not Be Rash

Ever Jebol Cambodia, Nufiandani: Indonesian National Team Do not Be Rash

Support continues to flow to the U-22 Indonesia national team that will face Cambodia in the fight to live off Group B SEA Games 2017. Luis Mila troops claimed to win with a minimum score of 0-3 in a duel that took place at Shah Alam Stadium, this afternoon.

Ahmad Nufiandani, former national team winger of Indonesia U-23, rate, Cambodia can not be underestimated. Although never won from Indonesia, he said, Cambodian team have more motivation to win the game this afternoon, Thursday (8/24/2017).

“At least he came home with some results, though little.” Said Nufiandani.

For that according to Nufiandani, the U-22 national team players play seriously and seriously. “Work hard, do not remehin and lowin the opponent,” he said.

Indonesia U-22 national team is currently still in third place standings Group B with a collection of 8 points. While Vietnam and Thailand have packed 10 points. To secure a place in the semi-finals Indonesia needs a 3-0 win over Cambodia. Thus, the U-22 national team does not need to rely on the results of Thailand Vs Vietnam.

Nufiandani assess Indonesia U-22 national team has a strong capital to triumph in the SEA Games 2017. In addition to the composition of a qualified, Indonesia’s soccer climate began conducive.

“There is a naturalized player, there are players who already experience the previous game, there are players who play in senior teams.Concentration they are not broken anymore as before.First sempet there is a problem in the league, for the concentration of players split as well,” he said.

Nufiandani also advised that when facing Cambodia, the players are not provoked emotionally. They must remain calm so as not to harm their own team. “Just do not be in a hurry, just relax, though emang must be emotional but do not get carried away.”

Previously Nufiandani had once been in a crucial position as faced by the U-22 national team at this time. At the SEA Games 2015 ago, Nufiandani with U-23 national team must deal with the host Singapore in the last group stage match. “At that time the pressure was heavier, but for us to win and get away,” Nufiandani said.

“We are also waiting for the final result to qualify, must fight in the last matches,” the message.

At the SEA Games 2017, Indonesia U-23 national team also located a group with Cambodia. At that time, Indonesia massacred Cambodia with a score of 6-1. In this fight, Ahmad Nufiandani one of the executioners who managed to nest the ball into the opponent’s goal.

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