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Menpora: Sanctions Koreography Save Rohingya Persib Needs to be Revisited

Menpora: Sanctions Koreography Save Rohingya Persib Needs to be Revisited

Sanctions imposed by Discipline Commission (Komdis) PSSI to Persib Bandung related choreography “Save Rohingya” made bobotoh also become the attention of Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi.

Previously, the action of choreography that occurred when Persib undergo cage counter Semen Padang, Saturday (09/09/2017) ago.

As a result, Persib was sentenced to a fine of Rp 50 million. In a letter numbered 92 / L1 / SK / KD-PSSI / IX / 2017 on Thursday (14/09/2017), Komdis PSSI mentioned that the configuration made bobotoh clearly an offense.

Related to that, Menpora Imam Nahrawi sanctioned imposed by Discipline Commission PSSI to Persib due to action choreography reads “Save Rohingya” from the supporters or bobotoh reviewed.

“Sanctions about choreography ‘Save Rohingya’ from the bobotoh I think need to be reconsidered, if necessary to revoke the sanctions,” said Imam at the Complex Ministry of Youth and Sports, Jakarta, Tuesday (19/09/2017), as quoted from Antara.

Menpora even suggested the sanctions are revoked. Because, according to him, what is done by bobotoh is not a crime.

“The question of solidarity of nationality for humanity should not be, the President (Joko Widodo) just help Rohingya, if they do racial acts, it may be so, but it is not,” he said.

Bobotoh when making Save Rohingya configuration when Persib entertain Semen Padang, Saturday (09/09/2017). For the action, Disciplinary Commission PSSI reward Rp 50 million because it violates the rules.

As for sanctions imposed to Persib, Media Director of PSSI, Gatot Widakdo, said, it is entirely the authority of the Discipline Committee based on the code of discipline.

“We respect and honor solidarity for our brother in Rohingya, but football should not be interfered with other issues beyond the sport’s values,” he said.

“Therefore, supporters should not carry attributes or messages that have nothing to do with football or sports while watching the game at the stadium,” said Gatot.

After the sanctions were dropped, bobotoh also conducted a fundraising entitled “Coins for PSSI”.

Fundraising is centered in Sidolig Stadium, Bandung, as well as transfers through Rumah Zakat and webpage.

“This is nothing more than a form of solidarity and a message of humanity alone, and the government alone supports us to empathize with the Rohingyas,” said Viking Persib, Yana Umar.

Ever Jebol Cambodia, Nufiandani: Indonesian National Team Do not Be Rash

Ever Jebol Cambodia, Nufiandani: Indonesian National Team Do not Be Rash

Support continues to flow to the U-22 Indonesia national team that will face Cambodia in the fight to live off Group B SEA Games 2017. Luis Mila troops claimed to win with a minimum score of 0-3 in a duel that took place at Shah Alam Stadium, this afternoon.

Ahmad Nufiandani, former national team winger of Indonesia U-23, rate, Cambodia can not be underestimated. Although never won from Indonesia, he said, Cambodian team have more motivation to win the game this afternoon, Thursday (8/24/2017).

“At least he came home with some results, though little.” Said Nufiandani.

For that according to Nufiandani, the U-22 national team players play seriously and seriously. “Work hard, do not remehin and lowin the opponent,” he said.

Indonesia U-22 national team is currently still in third place standings Group B with a collection of 8 points. While Vietnam and Thailand have packed 10 points. To secure a place in the semi-finals Indonesia needs a 3-0 win over Cambodia. Thus, the U-22 national team does not need to rely on the results of Thailand Vs Vietnam.

Nufiandani assess Indonesia U-22 national team has a strong capital to triumph in the SEA Games 2017. In addition to the composition of a qualified, Indonesia’s soccer climate began conducive.

“There is a naturalized player, there are players who already experience the previous game, there are players who play in senior teams.Concentration they are not broken anymore as before.First sempet there is a problem in the league, for the concentration of players split as well,” he said.

Nufiandani also advised that when facing Cambodia, the players are not provoked emotionally. They must remain calm so as not to harm their own team. “Just do not be in a hurry, just relax, though emang must be emotional but do not get carried away.”

Previously Nufiandani had once been in a crucial position as faced by the U-22 national team at this time. At the SEA Games 2015 ago, Nufiandani with U-23 national team must deal with the host Singapore in the last group stage match. “At that time the pressure was heavier, but for us to win and get away,” Nufiandani said.

“We are also waiting for the final result to qualify, must fight in the last matches,” the message.

At the SEA Games 2017, Indonesia U-23 national team also located a group with Cambodia. At that time, Indonesia massacred Cambodia with a score of 6-1. In this fight, Ahmad Nufiandani one of the executioners who managed to nest the ball into the opponent’s goal.

Aji Santoso Officially Resigned from Arema FC Coach Chairs

Pelatih Arema FC Aji Santoso saat konferensi pers seusai timnya dikalahkan Persipura Jayapura di Stadion Kanjuruhan, Kabupaten Malang, Minggu (16/7/2017)

Aji Santoso Officially Resigned from Arema FC Coach Chairs

Aji Santoso ensured retreat from the seat of coach Arema FC Agen Sbobet.

It was delivered Aji in a press conference session with the media at Arema Office on Monday (07/31/2017).

The 47-year-old man said the decision to resign from Arema came from his own. He claimed to have discussed after the game against Borneo FC which ended with a score of 0-0.

“After the game, last night I had a discussion with management and family until finally this retreat decision was taken,” said Aji.

“This retreat decision comes from itself,” he said.

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Aji also thanked the club and management Arema FC.

“Thanks to the club and the Arema team,” he said.

“Although only for a moment, I’ve been feeling lifted trophy with this team,” said Aji.

For Aji’s replacement, Djoko Susilo, an assistant coach, is said to be taking over the coaching chair.

Currently, Arema ranks seventh with 26 points in the standings of League 1, trailing six points from the top ranked PSM.

Persib Vs Persela, Special Game for the Great

Hasil gambar untuk Persib Vs Persela

Persib Vs Persela, Special Game for the Great

Duel Persib Bandung vs Persela Lamongan, Wednesday (07/12/2017) will be a special game for midfielder Persela, M. Agung Pribadi. The reason, 27-year-old players will face a club who never raised his name.

Long before Persela uniform, Agung was long wearing Persib jersey. In fact, since his junior times.

Agung also never menoreh performance versus junior team Persib. At least, three age categories he won with Persib: U-15, U-17, and U-21.

At senior level, Agung also had the pleasure of winning titles. That is when Persib won Indonesia Super League 2014 and 2015 Presidential Cup.

Indeed, before this lag, the attorney defending Persela Persib face in President’s Cup 2017. However, it was different, because the League 1 Indonesian real competition.


“Honestly, a lot of beautiful memory together Persib, will be equally reunion of friends. But we are professionals, now I defend Persela and will give my best for my team,” Agung said, as quoted by the official website of Persib.

However, Agung claimed to remain professional. Persib opponent, he is ready to bring Persela win.

Great is not even too confusing, whether he will return scored, as when Persela beat Borneo FC 3-1 in the previous game. “The important thing we can achieve points,” he said.

Dedi Absent

Meanwhile, in this fight, Persib certainly will be without one of the mainstay midfielder, Dedi Kusnandar. The reason, players who had grazed in the Myanmar League was hit by yellow card accumulation.

Fifth yellow card received by Dedi when Persib defeated Madura United 1-3. This is the second time he has to undergo suspension sanctions due to accumulation, throughout his career.